Here on this site I have captured and put together my current rubber guard game. I go into detail on the two main control positions I use, Gun Show and Hindu Control, as well as dive into each option you have in these positions. These two positions are my go to game and have completely replaced the traditional rubber guard path for my personal rubber guard game.

I also cover troubleshooting, some rubber guard fundamentals I don’t think are stressed enough, and add in some bonus techniques at the end.

Instead of releasing the techniques for free like I did with the first hindulotine instructional, I’ve decided to put in some extra time and effort and charge a small course fee ($9). Buy me a burrito and I’ll┬áteach you a new path for your rubber guard game!

The technique videos will unlock and be unlocked for your account forever once you complete your purchase and sign up for an account. You can find the purchase button on the left side panel. I’m currently using Paypal, which accepts debit and credit cards as well if you don’t have an account. None of your financial information will be saved on this site or even entered on this site for that matter.

BTW whenever I come out with more rubber guard techniques you can be sure it will be added to this page, free for those of you who’ve bought this current course.