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I help passionate people who have gathered large followings through their chosen craft to monetize their passions through an online membership site (and more) where they share their knowledge / skill / services with their following. My first and and main showcase clients are the Freak Brothers Geo and Richie Martinez. I have partnered with them to build to give them a space to share video of their classes and knowledge at a monthly price to their followers.

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BJJ Instruction / Rubber Guard

I’m a brown belt in BJJ under Denny Prokopos (the first black belt under Eddie Bravo). I currently train with the 10th Planet Freaks Geo and Richie Martinez in Socal as well as Eddie Bravo in LA. My main gym is 10th Planet Oceanside with Geo Martinez.
I’m most known for my rubber guard game. You can find me teaching the Rubber Guard class at Eddie Bravo’s gym in LA every other Sunday. If you’re interested in privates, seminar, or having me compete at your tournament. Get in touch!

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